Außerschulische Bildung 3/2023


Our world is not secure anymore. I think these turbulent times help us to understand how fragile everything is and how self-reliant we are. As a person with a war background, I can say that my priorities have changed big time for the last year and a half. For now, my main value is being alive. I wish I learned this lesson in another way, but we have what we have. All in all, the russian invasion makes me evaluate all the issues I face in my daily life now differently. I came to a conclusion that everything is possible … until you are alive. So as long as we breath, we have to continue fighting for all the good things. Even if are tired or exhausted, or don’t see a point in it all.

Sometimes I also feel like we, as humanity, have lost this battle. Especially when I notice so many similarities from the past and present world history. It is hard to not lose hope, when you see so many violence all around. But then I go working with young people and immediately start realizing that there’s a chance the new generation will fix it somehow. So everytime you don’t know what you should believe in, believe in young people.

‚Prejudices prevent us from dreaming big.’ I heard this phrase from a 20 y.o. participant at a youth project, and it stuck in my head. Indeed, it happens so often that we guess or assume and constantly discuss something, instead of creating platforms for dialogues and talk to each other in person. Give young people a voice, and you’ll be amazed by the outcomes. The Peace is already there at the youth exchanges, where there are no adults with sceptical, ego-oriented and close-minded opinions. You may say I’m a dreamer, but hopefully, I am not the only one.

If not now is the time for building the bridges, nurturing the civic education and fostering new critical thinking generations, then when? The future is not certain, the past has gone. All we have is present. And in present there is youth, who needs our support in creating a better future for us all.