Außerschulische Bildung 3/2023


„Let’s LIKHTAR together“, I say quite often at the end of posts on social media or when I finish the presentation. I am not sure if everyone understands what that means, but it feels so important for me to say it.

My name is Alex Slyusarenko, I am from Ukraine and because of the war I live and work in Germany. I am an educator and facilitator of international projects, soft skills, and a management expert. I did many international exchange projects for youth in the past and now I coordinate the LIKHTAR project.

LIkhtar (Laterna in German) is a Ukrainian word and I love that it sounds familiar to people in Germany. We hear „likhtar” and all get the idea that this word is connected to ‚light’ somehow.

When the team of educators in Bredbeck and DPJW came up with the idea of a new project, that could be a connecting point for Ukrainian educators to continue doing the exchanges with German and Polish partners, Likhtar was obviously the best naming option.

It was April 2022.